Several different ways of working are available, depending on individual needs and preferences. I recognise that people may need different things at different times and adapt my approach to suit each person’s requirements.


I stay informed by actively engaging with the latest scientific understanding and research in psychology, coaching and the related disciplines, and try to ensure that this is continually reflected in my practice in ways that are the most helpful to clients.

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Psychotherapy most often addresses issues that require time for exploration. Some examples are a sense of a lack of meaning, a persistent low mood or a sense of anxiety that has no obvious cause.


In cases where everything seems fine from the outside, the reasons for inner dissatisfaction may be too complex to be revealed in just a few sessions. Similarly, a sense or loss, grief or long-experienced disappointment, can require some time and patience that psychotherapy process can offer.


However, some people find that a short period of time with an attentive listener is sufficient for gaining clarity on how to proceed on their own; in that case, just 1 or 2 sessions can be effective. The majority of clients, however, attend between 6 to 10 sessions.


How does it work?

I mostly work using a person-centred and existential approaches in my psychotherapy practice, integrating other approaches, where it would benefit the client.



Psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes long and are normally scheduled on a weekly basis, unless agreed otherwise.

Life Coaching

Life coaching normally focuses on a particular issue identified at the outset, which can range from a lack of assertiveness to relationship problems.


In coaching, I will be an active participant, asking questions, challenging, and working together with the client to help set goals and plan on how to implement them.


Coaching frequently entails the client trying to accomplish specific tasks outside of my office, discussing the implications in the following session and working to set new tasks or goals.


How does it work?

For coaching, I use a person-centred framework, along with cognitive-behavioural coaching and other approaches, such as positive psychology, where appropriate.



Life coaching sessions are 60 minutes, or as agreed. The duration, frequency and the number of sessions will vary depending on the issue to be addressed as well as the client's preferred way of working.


Sessions take place at a private, discreet and comfortable office in Glasgow's West End or Online.